Packing Right (and Light) For That Long Flight With Your Children

Are you taking your young children on a long plane trip? Here is a list of essential items to bring in your carry-on, and some items you may as well leave at home. We have taken our young children across the Pacific Ocean a few times now, as well as from Northern Canada to the Southern States, and what we have found might save your family a little bit of whining, crying, and also aching arms! The biggest mistake that we have made (repeatedly) when packing to go on a long trip, has been to pack way too much in our carry-on bags! While it’s nice to have an assortment of activities, we have found that taking several heavy carry-on bags from plane to plane, and hauling them around the airport, keeping an eye on them while waiting for flights, etc. is more trouble than it is worth! So, here is our ESSENTIAL list of items to bring on your next long flight, as well as a few ways to save yourself from over-packing. Our family’s #1 item to bring on a long flight has got to be a portable DVD player, and a few DVD’s (out of their cases). It was definitely the best investment we made before we made the long trek from Canada to New Zealand! Although it wasn’t much use for travelling with our baby, it was definitely the best item we could have brought for the toddler and older children! If you decide to purchase one, make sure the battery life will be good for a couple of movies, or else purchase a second battery because you won’t be able to recharge during the flight, or probably at the airport either!

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 Having said that, the in-flight movies are getting quite good these days on some of the longer flights, so you could possibly even get away without the DVD player, if your specific flight will be showing a couple of movies that would interest your children. Contact your airline to find out what movies will be playing on your flights. We also bought a Nintendo DS and some games from an online auction site before our flight. These portable gaming systems are small, light, and great for school-aged children. Here are some other items that we found very useful: -Light snacks that take long to eat. We did bring some candy and lollipops, but we also tried to bring healthier snacks, such as granola bars and boxes of dried fruit. You don’t need to bring a lot of snacks, as they should get some snacks on the flight (once again, something to check into). We also made sure that we had snacks for the times when we would have a long layover at the airport.-Chewing gum, for take off and landing. Chewing, or drinking for little ones, really does help for those painful ears that sometimes happen when flying. If you’re not sure how your child will react, we also suggest bringing along acetaminophen or ibuprofen, in case of really painful ears. With our son, we discovered he needed some Tylenol about an hour before landing, or else he experienced a lot of pain in his ears on landing.-A couple of light books, especially “touchy” books for babies. What we have found, though, is that when we bring books, the older kids are rarely, if at all, interested in reading on the flights. We suggest you leave most books behind, or in your packed luggage for reading at your destination. With older children and long layovers, though, a book to read in the airport can be helpful.-Headphones, for your portable DVD player. Some flights offer movies, but you have to buy or rent the headphones, so if you have your own sets, you can save on that expense.  -Crayons, coloring book, drawing paper. Instead of bringing entire books, bring a light folder with a couple sheets of coloring pages, blank paper, etc. Bringing fewer books really helps with lightening your load.-When we have travelled with a baby, we tried to bring along a few small, light things that baby would enjoy chewing on, or grabbing, crinkling, shaking, etc. We just looked around the house for some items that she didn’t normally play with, but that would probably be novel and interesting (and safe) for a baby, such as a set of measuring spoons. Other Carry-on tips: Don’t STUFF your carry-on bags! It’s so much easier to find what you are looking for while squished in your little airplane “cubicle” if your bags have some room left in them for digging around.

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Make sure your carry-on bags either have wheels, or a comfortable shoulder strap. For your regular luggage, we highly recommend bringing several snacks from your local grocery store, such as granola bars, fruit bars, etc. (take them out of the boxes) If you’re allowed an extra suitcase, you may as well bring those items along. They will save you money in your hotel room, and on your family excursions throughout your trip. Or, you can check out if there are any grocery stores near where you are staying, so that you can purchase these types of items there (and diapers if needed, etc.) As a great alternative to packing several suitcases of snacks and diapers and more, you could use the services of a company like “Babies Travel Lite” – They will ship all baby items, snacks, and much more, ahead of time to your destination, so that you don’t have to pack and lug them along with you – you find them waiting for you at your hotel. They can even ship items home for you after your vacation. Packing is sometimes one of the most difficult things about going on vacation – trying to decide what to take, and what to leave at home. We hope that you have found some useful tips for packing to go on a vacation with children, and wish you a fabulous family holiday! 

Hot Christmas Toys – The Nintendo DS Lite

The Nintendo DS lite has been the biggest selling handheld games console for the last few years. Every Christmas without fail children and adults ask for a DS lite. Girls like pink ones and boys anything but pink. So what is so good about them that makes children of all ages and adults like them as one of the hottest Christmas gifts.The first selling point is the most obvious. They are ultra-portable and can be taken anywhere. To a friends house or in a car, absolutely anywhere. There is such a large number of games for the DS lite. There are games to suit everyone.

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There are games that boys like, games that girls like, and educational games, quizzes and brain teasers for adults. There are games for all the family. It has wireless networking as well. so if you ever get bored with playing the DS alone you can play against other people over the internet anywhere in the world. Now you can see why this is one of the hottest Christmas gifts.The screen is small enough to be portable but large enough with a sharp crisp display to see clearly, whatever the environment. You can use your fingers to play the games using the interactive touch screen or if you prefer you can play with the stylus. If your travelling you can be assured the battery will not run flat if you use the charger pack. The DS lite is flexible enough so you or anybody can use it anywhere in the world and the range of games is enough to keep anyone interested all day.That is the reason it is one of the hottest Christmas gifts.

Nintendo DS Lite Review – The Truth Behind Its Simplicity

Nintendo DS Lite, as I look at it today, it reminds me way back in the 80’s of a good old “Game and Watch” mini game system clam-shell type design. Do you remember that? It looks like a LCD calculator miniature game machine that comes in a variety of colors, designs and with the embedded standard function cross-like buttons on the left and a 2 letter rubber buttons on the right. Funny cute thing isn’t it?Its monitor screen is 2″x 2.5″ at least and a black digital graphics with a single motion function character moving from left to right or forward and backward gameplay. A LR4x/SR4x “button-cell” battery makes its power last at least like 3 months before you change and so forth.However, if you imagine how we’ve gone through with the technology of 20th century, it’s so very amazing how we’ve crossed the millennium with these new kinds of gadgets, cellular phones, digital cameras, and computers so on. Based on some models of game and watch that also have two screens and a clam-shell design is how I describe Nintendo DS and DS Lite models today.Compare to Sony’s graphically superior PSP, Nintendo DS Lite is quite a different style of handheld portable system released next to original DS. It revolutionizes the way games are played in ultra-bright dual 3D screen and enhanced by touch-screen technology. Both screens are terrific, they do not possess any ghostly white glow that emanates, than in any front-lit display of a game system. This 2 display works together seamlessly even when the upper screen is tilted slightly. Visually glare-free even when you try to pivot the screen as back as far as it would go.

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Using a stylus pen or finger on the bottom screen, you can navigate to select options and to moving character. More stylish, smaller than the original version, sleeker body, with free Wi-Fi connection so you can have a chat with friends online and compete with other players on the internet.Available colors are lined up in several combination like Polar White, Coral Pink, Onyx Black, Crimson/Black and the limited-edition Gold and Metallic Rose that complements any outfit. Cobalt/Black marks the seventh color in the Nintendo DS Lite color palette.Normal face-button layout allows you to feel the same natural way method of control. DS cartridges are measuring somewhere between SD and Compact Flash cards smaller than the PSP cartridge which they called UMD seems playing flawlessly than Sony’s proprietary formats when it comes to loading games.Nintendo DS size is more roughly than the original Game Boy Advance, so it’s big because of its increased size although it’s not heavy unlike the SP that almost fits in pockets while DS can travel in your backpack or shoulder bag. Well, also the good thing about Nintendo DS Lite is when you travel out-of-town; you can play 5-8 hours in maximum visual output gameplay at full volume and brightness compare to PSP Slim and Lite that only takes 3-4 hours with both statuses.The Nintendo DS Lite impressive battery life is also one of the greatest advantages compared to PSP Slim and Lite 2000/3000. The improved size had translates to a better performance and battery life that greatly benefits the game play and other media functions.On a heavy gameplay at full brightness and full volume, the PSP Slim only takes 5-6 hours than the DS Lite takes 7-11 hours. At low gameplay at low brightness and volume, PSP Slim will last 6-8 hours and DS Lite is 10-15 hours. A real headway over the PSP that Nintendo DS Lite delivers in terms of battery life and dimensions.Okay, let’s check the visual aspects of both game consoles produces in fairness of its benefits. In terms of screen size, you’ll probably enjoy the wide 4.3 inches screen of PSP than the 3 inches dual-screen of Nintendo DS Lite. Most of gamers seem to really enjoy action-pack games in a wider screen. So that’s PSP take advantage ahead of Nintendo DS Lite. The 16:9 viewing panel screen aspect ratio is definitely a win than a 4:3 screen ratio of DS Lite.PSP screen resolution is simply has an outstanding output of 480×272 while DS Lite is 256×192 on both screens. PSP projects brighter screen colors in a 32-bit (16.7 million) while a 16-bit (262k) for Nintendo DS Lite. However, despite it lacks the multimedia and graphical finesse of the PSP, Nintendo DS focus more on gameplay and still maintained a sales edge over Sony’s PSP Slim and Lite. As for the other features like Wi-Fi connection, built-in microphone port are much likely had the same function.The Wi-Fi connection of Nintendo DS is same as the Nintendo Wii. Using the microphone port and touchscreen of DS to command inputs for Wii games and as to act as an additional controller without any use of additional accessories. As for the Nintendo Wii, it uses the Mii Channel to access on the content downloads, games and other expansions to Nintendo DS. Although, there’s an additional service may cost a subscriber to downloading additional content.

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It can support 16-32 players online at a time in a local Wi-Fi area range of 30 to 100 feet. A unique Friend Code ID is used by player to engage with another player for multi-playing purposes. This measure is a privacy authentication whenever a user first goes online.The inclusion of Wi-Fi multiplayer capabilities had increased the list of growing original and fun games that you can play that no other game system can provide. Its backward compatibility with Game Boy Advance cartridges using a separate media port allows you to play with your favorite games in a single-player mode. With a nearly 600 game titles and another titles available online added had made Nintendo a tremendous breakthrough sales. And even a one best-selling game made more than 18.67 million copies has been sold.Though Nintendo DS does play Game Boy Advance game cartridge, its accessories and memory cards are not compatible but it do have a variety of accessories available ranging from specialized controllers, memory expansions and others.In summary, gamers can spend time playing all day long with their own game system but in most cases the battery life is the one that makes the new Nintendo DS Lite stands out among the other game system. Low or heavy gaming using either full or low brightness, nor high or low volume, it would never be a problem if you are using Nintendo DS Lite. While it does lacks on some multimedia and graphical features, Nintendo DS Lite is still has its unique offer in gaming experience for users.

Graco Travel Lite Crib – 3 Reasons You Will Love It

Everyone knows traveling with babies can be somewhat of a chore with all the extra stuff to pack and the extra time to set up their gadgets. When they made the Graco Travel Lite Crib they thought of everything. Here are the top 3 benefits of these cribs.Reason number 1: It is a breeze to set up and take down so if you are ever in a hurry (huh uhm) aren’t we all as parents lol than no problem. You would be amazed just how easy it is and it even comes with a carry bag. Yes it fits in a carry bag which is why it works so well for outings and for in your bedroom with you at night if you so choose.

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Reason number 2: Extra storage below the bed. If you pack like I do when you are going somewhere and especially with babies and all their gear than you will definitely love this. You can never have enough space for extras when you are on the go.Reason number 3: Has the comforts of the crib at home. As we all know when we go out somewhere that seems to be the “moment” that baby decides to get cranky. Nothing seems to work no matter how hard we try. With this crib they can feel just like home. And with the canopy and clip on plush toys they can be entertained while you can enjoy yourself too. I think a lot of times babies just like the comforts of home and when you try to substitute the crib for anything else well it’s just not that comfortable.

Soup – Essential For Healthy Diet

Do you need a sound eating regimen for your family? All things considered, it is a typical longing for all. A sound eating routine comprises of various sustenance thing. Soup is an absolute necessity for a nutritious eating regimen. Incorporate soup in your standard eating routine outline. You can go for both veg soups like broccoli soup, blended vegetable soup, sweet corn soup, sweet potato soup et cetera. You can pick among cream chicken soup, fiery chicken soup, creamed corn and chicken soup in non-veg soups.

Tomato Soup Recipes
The fixings that you have to plan Cream Tomato Soup include:
Tomatoes – 1 Kg
Modest bunch of Coriander takes off
Hacked ginger
Hacked garlic – 3 tea spoons
Hacked bean stew – 1/2
Spread – 1-1/2 tea spoon
Light cream – 1 table spoon

Setting up this soup is sufficiently simple. To start with crush the tomatoes and keep them in a bowl. Presently warm the vessel. The fire must be medium. Include spread first and afterward coriander leaves, cleaved ginger, hacked garlic and slashed bean stew. Blend them until the point that it emanates a decent smell.

Presently add the crushed tomatoes to it and air pocket. You can likewise include some water if necessary. The following things to include are basil and salt according to taste. When it begins bubbling expel the vessel from the gas. Presently let the soup cool. Strain it when it chills off. Presently keep the vessel on the gas again and include cream. Mix it a little and your delectable and solid Cream Tomato Soup is prepared.

Chicken Soup Recipes

Much the same as veg soup there are various non-veg soup formulas. A standout amongst the most prominent formulas is Lemon Chicken Soup. The fixings that are expected to set up this soup include:

Chicken parts – 3 pound

Expansive ribs celery – 3
Expansive carrots – 4
Slashed onions – 3 and 1/2 containers
Slashed spinach (10-ounce bundles solidified) – 1 and 1/2 pounds
Chicken juices – 4 containers
Oil or margarine – 1 table spoon
Pearl grain – 1/2 glass
Cove leaves – 2
Dried thyme leaves – 1/4 tea spoon
Minced crisp dill – 1/4 container
Lemon juice – 4 to 5 table spoon
Water – 4 glasses

The technique for get ready Lemon Chicken Soup is totally bother free. In front of the pack the cooker on a stove over medium-high warmth. Warmth the margarine until the point when it softens. Presently cook the onion for 10 minutes. Cover the cooker over low warmth. Blend it every once in a while. Pour some water. Presently include chicken parts, sound leaves, thyme, grain, peeled carrots and celery (cut into 1 inch measure). Presently put the cooker over high warmth. Likewise keep up high weight and for that lower the warmth after at some point. Presently cook for 12 minutes.

Make Room for Garlic in Your Healthy Balanced Meals

From old circumstances to present day days, from Asia to Europe to North America, garlic has been worshiped, venerated and adulated. The numerous therapeutic advantages of eating garlic are very much archived all through history. Adding it to your sound adjusted suppers is simple and may be a standout amongst other nourishment decisions that you ever make.

Why might I add garlic to my solid adjusted supper?

Garlic has numerous therapeutic properties that merit specifying.

• It is known to battle off contamination and can slaughter various bacterial strains including Salmonella.

• The cancer prevention agents in it can secure body cells against degeneration.

• It is accepted to avert malignancy.

• It secures against regular ailments, for example, the basic frosty and this season’s flu virus.

• It empowers digestion and directs glucose levels.

These are quite recently a portion of the advantage. There are numerous increasingly and every one is a justifiable reason motivation to add garlic to your sound adjusted dinners.

How might I add garlic to my sound adjusted suppers?

Garlic comes in many structures which incorporate crude cloves, powder and salt, solidify dried and in tablets. It can be eaten crude, steamed, broiled, simmered and cured. Regardless of whether it is joined in sustenances, made into serving of mixed greens dressings, marinades and sauces or eaten as cloves, garlic makes nourishment top notch and charming.

On the off chance that you don’t know how you best like garlic, attempt a little test. Mince, dice or press garlic into a compartment. Take a little taste of it crude. It will have a solid fiery taste alone. When it is blended with other crude fixings it is more adjusted. Take whatever is left of the garlic and tenderly cook it in olive oil. This will taste milder yet unmistakably unique. There is a place for both crude and cooked garlic in sound adjusted dinners.

The suggested measure of garlic that you add to you solid adjusted suppers can go from three cloves seven days to one clove a day. It is not important to incorporate it in each dinner or even each day. There is no set run the show. The principle thought is to ensure that you are getting some new garlic.

On the off chance that you are worried about the possess a scent reminiscent of garlic, eating some parsley will take the odor away.

Allicin is discharged in garlic when it is minced or pounded. As it is cooked the allicin is obliterated. To pick up the full advantages of garlic, utilize it crude at whatever point you can. When cooking garlic cook it delicately and daintily. This will hold the recuperating properties.

Eight Ways to Include Garlic into Your regular Meals

Soups, cured, cooked, and garlic bread are a portion of the more typical nourishments that you will discover it in. When you begin adding garlic to your solid adjusted dinners, you will presumably be astonished at the quantity of dishes that you will discover it in. I have even observed garlic and tomato pizzas. The accompanying thoughts will help you to extend your selections of sustenances with garlic.