A Great Asana For Hip And Groin

Baddha Konasana (Bound Angle Pose) is also known as the Cobbler’s Pose because of the similarity to a cobblers sitting position. It is an excellent asana which helps your groin and hip position. It is a forward bending asana which starts off from Staff Pose or Dandasana. You have to bend your knees by bringing the soles of the feet together. This forward bending asana is very different to the other forward bending asanas. The focus area in this asana is to open the hip and help the pelvic area. This help to the pelvic area stimulates the reproductive organs which are of great help to women as well as men. The performance of this asana also helps in alleviating the menstrual pain problems. It is very useful to have a comfortable child birth, if practiced regularly during the period of pregnancy. Also clears menopause related problems.

Baddha Konasana stimulates the abdominal organs as well as the ovaries, prostate gland, bladder and kidneys. It energizes your heart which improves the blood circulation and provides the all needed help to your body. This asana stretches the inner thigh, groin and knees which gives your body an agile and toned look. If you have problems like depression or anxiety this asana can help you overcome that problem. People with sciatica problem can also be treated by performing this asana regularly. It is a great asana because of its tremendous benefits for our aching and paining body. Known to be a therapeutic treatment for flat feet and similar other problems to be dealt by this asana. The practice of Baddha Konasana prevents the attack of many other diseases.

The forward bending asana helps in opening the back of the Anahata chakra. It can be greatly used for back pain problems. This asana should either be done in the beginning to open up the hips or at the end to relax your body. You should avoid doing this asana if you have a groin or knee injury. It is very important to perform this asana while sitting on a blanket as it gives support to your thighs. This asana is very important if it is done properly and enough time is given on every step. This is a very hard pose to manage on your own; maybe you should take help from your yoga teacher or a partner. You can make this pose much deeper by adding variations to it. The can be done by stretching their arms out in the front with the palms on the floor and forehead placed on the ground by extending the spine.

Warning: The reader of this article should exercise all precautions before following any of the asanas from this article and the site. To avoid any problems while doing the asanas, it is advised that you consult a doctor and a yoga instructor. The responsibility lies solely with the reader and not with the site or the writer.

Eight Amazing Benefits of Teaching Yoga

Every challenging occupation yields some sort of satisfaction, but the fitness professionals industry had an amazing 85% job satisfaction rate according to an Idea Health & Fitness survey.

Job Satisfaction

In the same survey, 98% of those interviewed felt that “My work gives me a feeling of personal accomplishment.” Lack of personal satisfaction is the most frequent reason why people leave a job. These statistics make it obvious that this is an extremely harmonious atmosphere to work in.

For many of us who worked in the corporate world and shifted into the health and fitness industry, the energy felt in a health club, ashram, or wellness center is similar to being on vacation.

There’s always something to do, but the job itself is very gratifying.

Rewards of Helping Family, Friends, Students, and Co-workers

Your self esteem improves as you find solutions for the pain management of others, ailments, fitness, stress management, positive thinking, etc.

The list goes on, as you continue your own journey of self improvement, but the feeling of gratification you get from helping someone find the right path, is beyond words.

You will always remember: That student who reaches their ideal body weight, the physically impaired student who finds that they, too, can live a better quality life, and the student who leaves your class without the headache or backache they came in with.

Your Own Health

As a practitioner of Yoga, you have become more aware of your daily ups and downs. You monitor your breath, posture, moods, diet, and exercise on a daily basis.

As a Yoga teacher, you are setting an example to your students and teaching them to live a quality life. This path will enable you to live longer and live better.

There is no Shortage of Work

When the working world is in the “9 to 5” mode, you have many opportunities with Corporate Accounts, The Fitness Industry, Senior Centers, Medical Centers, Referrals, etc. This is when you to teach them, with any free time you have.

Once I became totally self-employed, there were more daytime off-site Yoga teaching opportunities than I had time for in a geographic area that has many active Yoga teachers and studios. One of my best students, who became a
Yoga teacher through our on-site program, inherited an area that I could no longer service due to time restraints.

The object is to contact them. This is where your post cards come in handy, if you don’t have a personal referral.

Continuing Education

Yes, learning new things keeps your mind stimulated and healthy. You will never tire of subjects to study, explore, and investigate. There are so many facets of Yoga, that one life span, is just not enough time to learn it all.

It’s not a race, but it is a journey. You will find friends, colleagues, and students who are on the same path. This makes giving, receiving, and sharing a wonderful thing along the way.


You will have time to stop, think, breathe, relax, or meditate. You can always fill your plate beyond its limits, but you no longer have to.

You can determine whether or not you will be stuck in traffic during rush hour. You decide what hours you will work and what days you have off. You will come to the realization that your time is your own.


Everyone wants control of their own life, but very few achieve it. Being in business for yourself, can help you control your own destiny and that of your family.

Sure there are limits to what one person can accomplish, but it is better to try than to have never tried.


No matter what you want, if you write down your short-term and long-term goals, you will make great progress toward them.

You should keep these goals in a place where you can see them daily and visualize yourself accomplishing your goals. You should be specific about time frames and ethical methods used to meet them. You can even use them in meditation.

Review your long-term goals at least once every season and every year.
Review your short-term goals daily. You will see yourself make rapid success in this way.

Lastly, goals do not have to be material at all. For example: You may want to start teaching Yoga in a year, and the following year, get a part-time Yoga teaching position. This type of goal setting is realistic and beneficial to mankind.

That is the key – If you choose a goal that will benefit others, you will surely achieve it.

Graco Strollers and Bassinets – Great Value, Safety, and Durability

Parents want the best products for their babies; they spend lots of money and effort to find these best models for their precious ones to keep them safe, secure, entertained, and well developed.Writing about baby strollers, baby bassinets, or other accessories, about many products on the market with a wide range of prices and features, we can not pass over famous Graco. It is a global baby brand and manufacturer of high chairs, baby monitors, swings and soothers, strollers, travel systems, car seats, portable playards, packnplay bassinets.High price doesn’t mean always better products. We can see many expensive models at stores or on-line but if they are really better? Safer? Featuring more details?Not necessarily. Many cheaper options are good as well if we consider their safety, durability, and value. Some higher priced models are made of high-grade aluminum, which makes them easier to lift in and out of the car. There are many factors to be considered when shopping for baby accessories, your lifestyle, baby’s age, and your needs. But usually higher price doesn’t always mean higher quality. Lots of tests made on strollers show that some economical models perform as well or even better then products costing hundreds of dollars more. You don’t have to spend a lot to get a good one.

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Graco is one of the manufacturers that make products for every pocket and budget. Their gallery of models include single and double strollers, lightweight, umbrella, travel systems, snapngo, and a wide selection of baby bassinets, packnplay style, travel lite playards.Packnplay, portable bassinets:We can get lots of features from packnplays and playards for a very reasonable price. Basically 5 in 1 means vibration in mattress, a few songs, nature soothing sounds, night light, timer…these models are enhanced with electronics. They also feature a changing table and storage for baby’s clothes. Some of them have a nice woody finish. Packnplay is a very convenient product for you and comfortable for your baby. Infants don’t feel safe and secure in big, traditional, and airy cribs from the beginning. First they need smaller, cozy, spots to nap and night time sleep. Those new packnplays made by Graco are perfect models to fulfill your newborn’s natural needs. Packed with features make parenting easier right from the beginning! They are great entertaining centers that your baby will love. They will help to develop baby’s needs to explore in many areas of his or her personality.Baby Strollers and Travel Systems:Single models, Metrolite, Literider, Quattro Tour, Quattro Sport, are great products. Snugrider is an option for snapngo, which you use with a baby carrier and an infant car seat. Graco travel systems are comparable with many higher priced brands. In the line of double strollers they feature tandem models- Duo Quattro and Duoglider and side by side models- Twin. All of them come in a nice gallery of colors and shades.According to Consumer Reports Graco Quattro Tour Sport is the highest rated in a single stroller category. It gets an excellent score for easy of use, maneuverability, and durability, good for safety. This model has 5-point harness, one touch brakes, suitable for babies 6 months old and under, car seat compatible, trays for parents and children, extra storage, and stands folded.

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Graco Quattro Tour Duo was rated the best in a double stroller, tandem category. It performed excellent for durability and easy to use, good for safety and maneuverability, 5-point harness, trays, one touch brakes, car seat compatible, extra storage, and stands folded. These are only a few features, there are more that make Graco strollers one of the best in many ways, including value and price. These models are great for their value; they can be a good fit to every budget. Don’t spend hundreds for features that you can get for much less. Graco is the brand that you can consider while shopping for children’s accessories and will bring many benefits to you and your baby.

The Tripp Lite Portable Computer Keyboard Is Flexible and Useful

If you search through the Internet for a portable computer keyboard, you will surely find a wide selection. But the problem is, which one really works? Yes, they may be portable enough because they are small and compact but will they be able to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use?When looking for a portable computer keyboard, you must remember that aside from being compact, it must also be durable. Because these types of keyboard are meant to be packed and be brought along travels, it must be able to sustain any tension that may be caused by continuous plugging and unplugging of the device.As you already know, there are many portable keyboards to choose from. The cabled ones are a bit expensive and really bulky so they are not advisable for traveling. The compact ones may be small enough to fit into your bag, but this portable computer keyboard does not have a complete set of keys. They usually do not have the numeric pad and the other function keys. The wireless keyboard, on the other hand, may seem portable enough as it has no cables but it can be bulky too. And since it is battery operated, it usually doesn’t function as long as cabled ones.

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Probably one of the best portable computer keyboard that you could find is the Tripp Lite Flexible Keyboard. This is just like your ordinary keyboard with 109 keys and a number pad but it is better in a lot of ways. The material is lightweight and flexible as it is made from silicon. It has a USB cable that is compatible with any type of computer. And because of the slim rubberized material, you can easily roll it up for packing. It is a space saver as it fits even in small areas.Because silicon is a very sturdy material, you are sure that your portable computer keyboard will last for a long time. It is spill resistant and is very easy to clean. All you need is to dampen a cloth and wipe off any dust and stains. Its soft keys are very easy to press and it won’t give you any strains on the finger or the wrist even after long use. And because it is made of rubber, it will sit firmly on any flat surface and will not slip. Best of all the keys will not make those annoying clicking sounds.

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The Tripp Lite Flexible Keyboard is very stylish too. It comes in different colors like blue, black, and white so that you can choose whichever style will match your personal computer or laptop. Compared to other cabled keyboards, this portable computer keyboard is less expensive because of the material.Because of its efficiency and durability, this type of portable computer keyboard has been widely used, especially in places or occasions where a sturdier keyboard is needed like in a classroom setting where kids constantly pound on them. It is also ideal for home use as it can withstand the strains of everyday use.

Money Saving Travel Tips For Your Road Trip Vacation

Take a Road TripNo matter how high gas gets, it’s still cheaper to drive. Driving your own car to your destination does take longer but will save you a lot of cash. Cutting out airline tickets, and rental cars can save thousands of dollars not to mention giving you the freedom to stay where you want and travel on your timetable not the airline’s.GasDon’t just fill up your car and plan on refilling when you get close to empty. Stopping more frequently can save money by finding the best prices and taking advantage of them. Use internet sites like GasBuddy.com to seek out the best bargains on your route. A steady foot on the gas will give the best gas mileage, so avoid heavy acceleration.Remember to not exceed posted speed limits, which vary from state to state, by more than 10%. Most police and highway patrol will give you that leeway to account for speedometer discrepancies. A speeding ticket can really put a damper on your expenses.FoodAside from gas and lodging this will be your biggest expense, especially if you have a car full of kids. Before leaving on your trip, pack as much food as you can depending on the length of your trip. Stopping for fast food is the most expensive and unhealthy meal possible. I don’t use freezer packs, I freeze a lot of small plastic bottles of water which I use to keep perishables fresh, as well, these frozen bottles in a cooler bag, defrost slowly so there is always some cold water on the drive.If properly frozen, a dozen or so small bottles of water in a good insulated cooler will stay frozen for 2 days. Bring along packets of your family’s favorite powdered drink, like Kool Aid or sugar free no calorie Crystal Lite. These are easily poured into the bottles of water and slake your kids desire for pop. Fresh veggies like carrots and celery replace the need for snack stops. Tofu based dips keep well in cooler bags.

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Bread, peanut butter, bagged snacks and even canned goods like tuna ( don’t forget the can opener ) are very easy to prep and keep well in a cooler. Deli meats on the other hand are high in salt and can go bad easily. For trips lasting more than 1 day I don’t recommend deli meats, the salt only serves to retain water causing more bathroom stops along the way.For every dollar in food you pack yourself, you save 3 dollars on junk you would buy on the road. You would be surprised how much money and time you can save by bringing along healthy food.Hotels / MotelsLodging can be the most expensive part of the trip if not researched properly. Thanks to the internet, you can plan where you want to stay and reserve ahead of time. Reserving your room ahead of time, even as far as a few months, can save you money. Most major hotel chains offer promotion codes, they don’t tell you that on their web sites, you have to search the web for these codes. Promo codes can save you a fair amount of money so take the time to search the coupon sites.I like to pick hotels with locations not more than a mile off my route, but not right on the highway. That way I can get a good night sleep without the drone of traffic disturbing me. If you have experience with a specific chain of hotels, don’t take for granted that they are all alike. You might have had a great stay in one location, but have a horrible stay in another.I have found, over time, that all hotels are pretty much the same. The rooms are never as clean as you would like. The beds, pillows and especially the blankets and bedspreads are filthy so I don’t let that factor into my choice. To alleviate the stress of sketchy bedding, allergens and bedbugs, I pack a few travel sheets, that way I know my family are sleeping on clean sheets with no contact with the hotel bedding.Don’t be swayed by the ” free breakfast ” claims, most of the food at these freebies is laden with fat and sugar, the eggs aren’t real and the coffee is usually bad. Choose the healthier items like bread, peanut butter and fruit.

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Travel GadgetsAnything that will save you money and time, and lessen stress levels is a good thing.Cell phones allow you to communicate with hotels and other members of your group and, if you have a data package, can give you the flexibility to change reservations, and hunt for the best gas and restaurant prices.Media players. Storing movies and music keeps the kids entertained and your music at hand.Sound generators and Travelsheets take the edge off of staying at motels or hotels with lower price points.Refrigerated or Insulated coolers. These are a must for food preservation cutting down on restaurants and junk food.GPS units. A no brainer for road trips, these handy gadgets give directions and traffic conditions as well as local info for lodgings and food.With proper planning, packing your own food, choosing an inexpensive hotel and using a few money saving items, your road trip can be easy, healthy, safe, and, save you a whole lot of cash, happy trails.

Finding The Best Travel Towel

One of the most underappreciated items when heading on your travels is the simple travel towel.The travel towel is often something of an afterthought when it comes to packing your travel suitcase, and it’s easy to see why. It tends to be bulky, for one, and often the probability that your final destination will have ample towels anyway is something that can persuade you to leave the travel towel at home.However, this is a shame, particularly when taking into account the kind of nifty, comfortable and downright convenient kind of travel towel out there.My travel towel top five:1) The McNett Microfibre Towel is comfortably one of the best on the market. This uses a unique micro-terry fabric which makes it incredibly fast-drying.

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It also packs down easily and absorbs water superbly – two crucial factors when travelling over any distance.2) The Aquis Travel Towel benefits from being incredibly absorbent and is also a very lightweight items, which is vital when space in your travel suitcase is at a premium.3) Sea to Summit Dry Lite Travel Towel. This passes all the big tests when it comes to travel towel satisfaction, being that it’s absorbent,soft and lightweight.4) The Lifeventure Soft-Fibre Advance Trek Towel is a big favourite being that it’s six times lighter than a standard beach towel, dries eight times faster than a standard beach towel and takes up and eighth of the packing space of a standard beach towel.As with all the others on the list, it is absorbent, lightweight and soft. You really can’t go far wrong with this product.5) The Care Plus Microfibre Towel is another excellent item. This absorbs seven times its own weight, is absorbent and lightweight, but its unique selling point is the extra soft side it has for optimum comfort. It also packs away in a convenient, ventilating cover, making it one of the best of its type around.Whichever one you choose to take on whatever jaunt you’re embarking on, do make sure you take at least one.

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Yes, the hotel you’re bound for may have the softest, most comfortable towels imaginable, but you never know when your flight’s going to be delayed, your car’s going to break down or the hotel you’re booked into is going to plain let you down.The travel towel may not appear the most important item you’ll ever need for a trip, but it’s one of those little items that you’ll miss like crazy if you suddenly need one and find there isn’t one around.Furthermore it is an inexpensive item, and one that, if you choose correctly, won’t take up a disproportionate space in your travel suitcase.Invest in at least one, and you’ll be a lot happier than if you’d chosen to leave it at home.

Suit Carriers – Traveling Made Convenient

Since man decided to move from one place to another, he has needed something to transport his clothing. We have moved from using woven baskets to Armani matched luggage sets. Yet we still face the same dilemma, wrinkles. Whether you wear three piece suits or simply dress slacks and sport coat, no one wants to appear in public looking like they slept in their clothes. There are ways to combat this problem without resulting to travel irons.On the market today are suit carriers that offer innovative ways to pack and prevent wrinkles. These streamlined versions of the old style will ensure your appearaance is at its best. From the hundreds of Brands available we have chosen these three as the top of the line. Based on durability, ease of packing, warranties and their ability to carry suits with minimum wrinkling.

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All three brands have been around for awhile and are reputable companies.Briggs & Riley’s, 21″ Carrry-On Expandable, offers an interior 2 1/2 inches wider than normal due to the expansion zipper. This gives you 30% more compartment space. Their innovative outside handles allows for packing that is flat and wrinkle free. The interior sleeve will hold up tp 3 suits. Dimensions are: 21.5 x 14 x 8 inches.The U.K. brand, Travelpro, has the Walkabout Lite 3 Wheeled Suit Carrier billed as their top of the line. It offers a patented rollbar system that allows your suits to remain wrinkle free. It also has the added appeal of being on wheels for ease of movement. Will hold 4 suits. Dimensions are: 22 x 18.5 x 9.5 inches.From Atlantic Optima is the Wheeled garment Bag that offers both over the shoulder and wheeled capabilites. It has built-in foam bars for wrinkle free packing and offers a lifetime guarantee on their suit carriers. Can carry up to 4 suits. Dimensions are: 24 x 50 x 4.

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Each of these brands offers something to the traveler. Depending upon travel freguency, number of suits needed for trip, and your own ability to pack, your choice will be a personal one.Research and innovation bring about changes in the luggage industry constantly. No matter your needs there is a brand that will supply for them. Well known name brands offer the security of warranties they stand behind. This can prove helpful for the frequent traveler whose luggage is subjected to airline baggage handlers.

How To Prepare For Travel With Kids

These notes are intended to help you prepare for taking a trip with children so both you and the children enjoy and get the most out of your trip. Travel with children can be frustrating and stressful, especially if they are bored, cranky or throwing a temper tantrum. With planning and preparation it can create great memories. Use some of these tips to help you make the most of your trip.First, when booking your travel, try to book flights where the times compliment your kids schedules. This will make it easier if they aren’t already tired and cranky.Security at airports these days can be scary for children, explain to them in advance what they will need to do and that is for everyone’s safety. Security particularly in the US usually requires you to remove your shoes, so make sure you and your children are wearing shoes that can easily be slipped on an off.Make sure you have any allowed amounts of liquids and creams in see through plastic bags, the zippered kind. They do allow for some baby foods and medications so check with your travel agent if you need to take anything out of the ordinary that you aren’t sure about.

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Any medications and valuables should be in your carry on luggage.Make sure any drinks are finished or disposed of before going through security.If you are a single parent traveling with your children out of country ensure you have a lawyer certified letter from your children’s other parent otherwise you may not be allowed to travel.Have extra photocopies of your passports and travel documents, and keep them separate to the originals in case of loss.Make sure you have appropriate travel and medical insurance for the whole family. It can get very expensive if you have an accident or a family member gets sick while traveling, so don’t take any chances.Take some suitable age related activities or toys for the children to keep them amused. Ensure they are toys that are not easily broken or hard to carry around, and preferably toys that the kids won’t be too upset if they get lost or left behind.If your children need a night lite pack one in your check in luggage. This is much preferable to having to leave a room light on for them.These days planes are not providing meals particularly for short flights and domestic flights. They usually allow for the purchase of various foods on board, but if you know your child has a particular preference for snack food pack some in your carry on in plastic reusable containers that can be used again throughout your trip. Just be sure there are no liquids that are likely to be taken away if going through flight security.

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Wet wipes are great for wiping hands and faces and won’t get taken away as gel or other liquid items might.It is also wise to carry a change of clothes or at least, underwear and nightclothes in your carry on luggage just in case your suitcase gets lost and you have to wait for it to arrive. If you’re flying to a hot destination pack a set of hot-weather clothes, sandals, and a bathing suit so you can change immediately and enjoy the pool or beach. This is especially good if you are not able to check in for an early arrival or if the hotel takes a while to deliver luggage to your room. Kids are anxious to get out to the beach or pool and you can still enjoy your day without waiting.If you take the time to prepare in advance you will have many happy memories with your kids and the small frustrations will easily be overlooked if everyone is having a good time.