Hot Christmas Toys – The Nintendo DS Lite

The Nintendo DS lite has been the biggest selling handheld games console for the last few years. Every Christmas without fail children and adults ask for a DS lite. Girls like pink ones and boys anything but pink. So what is so good about them that makes children of all ages and adults like them as one of the hottest Christmas gifts.The first selling point is the most obvious. They are ultra-portable and can be taken anywhere. To a friends house or in a car, absolutely anywhere. There is such a large number of games for the DS lite. There are games to suit everyone.

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There are games that boys like, games that girls like, and educational games, quizzes and brain teasers for adults. There are games for all the family. It has wireless networking as well. so if you ever get bored with playing the DS alone you can play against other people over the internet anywhere in the world. Now you can see why this is one of the hottest Christmas gifts.The screen is small enough to be portable but large enough with a sharp crisp display to see clearly, whatever the environment. You can use your fingers to play the games using the interactive touch screen or if you prefer you can play with the stylus. If your travelling you can be assured the battery will not run flat if you use the charger pack. The DS lite is flexible enough so you or anybody can use it anywhere in the world and the range of games is enough to keep anyone interested all day.That is the reason it is one of the hottest Christmas gifts.